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There are several models to follow for the development of a software: 

The incremental model is similar to the cascade model but provides that at the moment when they are still implementing the specifications, it makes available a version partially functioning.In this way you can continue to implement new functions, even as a first version has been released. With this method, the costs increase. Each cycle gives rise to a prototype of passage. 

The evolutionary cycle model developed two models are expected to cascade, leading to different versions. Each cycle gives rise to an evolutionary prototype. 
The unified model is a method thinner in which there is a sequential order of the phases, because the definition of the requirements may also refer to the implementation details, or the test phase takes place in every phase or stage of prototyping it can also refer to small parts of the project. The unified model gives rise to a process. 

Support activities 
- Verification of the product is intended to ensure that it is carrying a product improperly; 
- Validation has the purpose to ensure that the product is within specifications. 
- Quality control is designed to determine whether a product meets certain quality standards; 
-Organization of the project.

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