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There are several commands.

is the quickest and easiest way to search for files ordirectories. Searches based on file names. The result is a listof files and directories that contain their name and path in the word you are looking for.
$ sudo updatedb
$ locate termine_da_cercare

Locate is so fast because it does not make a real-timesearch of machine files, but merely to comb through a special database containing information on files Presnti in the machine at any given time. Therefore it is important to keepthis database using the command updatedb.

can also search by date of creation or to its size. Find is powerful but slower LOCATE.

$ find / -name "....."
$ find / -ctime in_giorni (by date of creation, ie: 7 days ago)
$ find / -size 100 (all files of a size not greater than 100K

We can look for the files "contain" a specific word / text string.

$ grep "pattern" file
$ grep -w "pattern" file (exactly the pattern)

You can use it to find together with the PIPE

$ find /-name "php" | grep .....

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