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MyStatistics Portlet (on MarketPlace Liferay)

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MyStatistics is a Liferay portlet to display statistics at the level of the portal or user logged.
You can view statistics on:
  • number of users created
  • number of roles in the portal
  • number of posts written within the portal of blogs
  • number of Wiki pages
  • number of groups
  • number of assets created (eg, Web Content, Web display, etc.)
  • the last logged on user login
  • number of ratings left
  • number of events added to the calendar.
You can view both in Google Charts form (pie, column, line or lines) and tabular form. Everything is managed in the "Preferences" menu of the portlet.
Behid this portlet, there is an hook: Pasturenzi Hook, it is used in MyGoogleMapsUtility Portlet too. This hook import some JavaScript and CSS script in the header of Liferay portal.
You can find this project on my GitHub Repository at this repository URL:
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