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Virtual memory is a technique that allows you to process, even ifthey are not completely in memory. This technique is based on the separation between logical memory and physical memory.

An analysis of how programs are run, you realize that you do not need to load the entire program in memory when it is activated,but you just load in main memory only the part you're running. In this way the size of a program is no longer constrained by thesize of main memory. Also you can run many more processes in a synchronous manner.
In the moment in which is loaded a process are left of the holesto allow the process itself to expand. An address space organizedin this way is called a shed.
Thanks to the technique of virtual memory can also shareportions of memory between multiple processes separate. This will have the following advantages:
- Can be loaded only once widely used system libraries.
- You can create a region of memory accessible from a different process.
- Can create jobs faster

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