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The programs to be executed, must be loaded into main memory.
The logs are located directly on the CPU, providing direct accessto a clock pulse, while access to the RAM is more expensive interms of time. This gap is partially filled by the cache placedbetween the RAM and registers.

To ensure good performance, the RAM must contain more processes at the same time. E 'therefore necessary to ensure their correct execution, avoiding the possibility that the processeswrite in memory areas already occupied.

The association of a process to a specific portion of shared memory, also determines the physical addresses of the processload.
Most of the systems using symbolic addresses to define parts of memory or certain variables, which however must be replaced with real addresses before being passed to the CPU.

The memory allocation and therefore the translation of physical addresses in symbolic addresses can take place at different times:
- During compilation (total allocation)
- Loading and for this you need to write code riallocabile
- During execution.

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