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Draft Operating Systems to analyze and investigate the most important aspects encountered when writing an operating system, such as memory management and secondary mainaperiferiche of I / O, processes, threads, scheduling and traffic lights.

It is also collected material relating to information to the AWKBASH and file systems.

To allow riallocability different portions of the code in memory,we must consider separately the logical addresses and physical addresses.

The logical address is the one with which he refers to the CPU and virtual addresses.
The physical addressing, however, is the one used by the memory for individual addressing of all the memory cells.
The two directives to match the patterns of memory to load andcompile, but are separated for the routes that vary with the performance.
The apparatus hardware that is responsible for transforminglogical addresses into physical addresses is called thememory-management unit (MMU).
With this technique, the programmer never sees the real memory,but only the virtual one.

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