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If you use HTTP must first transfer the entire file before you canplay. This involves long waiting times and does not allow the pipeline. Additional protocols can be created using multimediaaccess (streaming) that enable the capture and playback of multimedia content using a partial webserver that projects thecontent directly to media player.
Then, using another protocol so you can have a dedicated server for the management of these services. Normally the client has an internal buffer which partially offsets the time of crossing and the jitterin.
If using UDP does not serve traffic control, the server transmitsat the same speed, the speed of arrival is equal to the speed of departure less lost packets, there are short delays and error recovery is carried out only in the case where there both the time required to perform the operation.
Using TCP, it is transmitted at the maximum speed at each instant, there is therefore a variable speed of arrival, the transfer time is greater, it passes through a firewall. To handle differentclient receive rate is by using copies of the same file in different quality.

And 'an application protocol for client-server. It allows the user to control playback.

Real Time Protocol - RTP
Specifies the structure of the RTP packets carrying audio / video

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