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We need to associate numerical addresses and symbolic addresses. The numeric addresses are used by server andclient, the symbolic ones by end users. That there is aneed to make available such associations. The DNS(Domain Name System) is the directory service of the Internet. The names are constituted by a list of labels(host.nomeorg.tipoorg.naz).
Because the names are so many you have to use a distributed database, there are four types of name servers:

- Root name servers are contacted by the local server to resolve addresses (they know all the TLD servers)
- TLD: have all the info on the authorative servers within the TLD (. Com,. Edu,. Org)
- Authorative: are managed by organizations that providethe subdomains.
- Local name server is contacted by the search machinetranslation.

Research associations
The search can be done in different ways:
- Iterative: every dns dns requests to all connected in turn, which in turn carry out research.
- Recursive: every dns dns server asks a collegaro whichentrusts the task to find solution
When a DNS resolve an association it is saved in cache for a default TTL.

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