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Virtual memory

The  virtual memory   allows the processor to   make   access to one   address space   much greater than that   actually   present   in main memory.   This method aims   to occupy   the main memory only ...

Serial Access memory

Mainly used as   mass storage   ( secondary storage )   and are characterized   by a   slow reading   /   writing and   a low   cost per byte . The data   are stored   serially   on   tracks ,...

RAM and ROM memory

The  RAM  can be organized in two different ways: • Carrier is a decoder and driver n • two-dimensional array, the address is broken into two parts.  To reduce the number of address bits sent in parallel, the address is transmitted in two separate moments.  The...

Cache memory

The   cache  memories   are memories   of   small   capacities interposed   between the processor   and main memory .   There are also   caches   interposed   between   main memory and   ...


The internal memory corresponds to the processor registers. And characterized by high-speed access, high cost and limited space. These normally are made with SRAM. The main RAM memory space is characterized by much higher than that of the internal memory, has the highest access time...


Bus is a structure that combines two or more component and interfaces. Any value entered on the BUS id readable by all components that are connected to it. The units connected using a trascreiver, which is divided into two parts:  driver, which serves to drive the lines...

Input e Output

A subsystem of I / 0 is composed of: Peripherals Unit to control these devices Software for management Each device is associated with a specific interface that connects to the bus. There are several ways to organize the address space of the...

Control Unit

The  CPU  is the unit that is responsible for loading and executing programs: each instruction is broken down intoa series of microinstructions or elementary steps. Each instruction is also divided into two parts: ...

Assembler language

The  assembler programs  are composed of:  - Instructions: generate machine instruction       or opcode, number of bits allocated to the execution of a particular statement ...
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