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What is Designing of a database

To produce   a   conceptual framework   useful for the   creation of a database   will   proceed   in stages .   You go from   a conceptual stage ,   for a   physical   and a   logical step . ...

Processor CISC, RISC and Pipeline

The processor performs two main tasks: carry out the instructions and interacts with the outside world. Each instruction is composed of two phases: • Fetch : the code is picked up and read from memory • Execute : the code is decoded and executed.   The...

Databases and DBMS

A  Database  is a collection of data that represents the information of interest to an information system. In technology, there is a collection of data managed by aDBMS. In a common database data resides on disk...

Operating System Shell

A  shell  is software that provides an interface for users of an operating system to access the services of a kernel. However, the term is also applied very loosely to applications and may include any software that is "built around" a particular component,...

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What is Assembler 8086

The  8086  has 40 pins and 29000 transistors and operates at a frequency between 5 and 10 MHz depending on the version. Needs of a single V supply of 5V. 16-bit (data).There are different...

Virtual memory

The  virtual memory   allows the processor to   make   access to one   address space   much greater than that   actually   present   in main memory.   This method aims   to occupy   the main memory only ...

Serial Access memory

Mainly used as   mass storage   ( secondary storage )   and are characterized   by a   slow reading   /   writing and   a low   cost per byte . The data   are stored   serially   on   tracks ,...

RAM and ROM memory

The  RAM  can be organized in two different ways: • Carrier is a decoder and driver n • two-dimensional array, the address is broken into two parts.  To reduce the number of address bits sent in parallel, the address is transmitted in two separate moments.  The...

Cache memory

The   cache  memories   are memories   of   small   capacities interposed   between the processor   and main memory .   There are also   caches   interposed   between   main memory and   ...
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