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Usare il JAR di un plugin Service in un plugin Client in Liferay

Può capitare che in progetti molto grossi si vuole dividere la logica in più plugins. In Liferay la condivisione di packages e classi Java che implementano il service.xml   tra plugins...

Issue TYPE and TYPE_ in Liferay

In Liferay type is created as TYPE_ field in the database. The entity, however, treats him as a "TYPE". So the Finder treats him as "TYPE" and this generates a SQLGrammarException if you define...

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Welcome in  AppuntiVari. net !       New Entries Scrivere Query Custom in puro SQL con Liferay ...

The Data Encryption with Oracle 11g

Here there is the package that you can include in your database: The padding is very important because the input string must be a multiple of 8 bytes cifra =...

Load Balancing and Clustering Best Practices

Load balancing  is a technique to distribute load on multiple systems.  The first level of load balancing is done by the hardware load balancer. The hardware load balancer...
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Chrome Extension Reply News and Events

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